Multiple translation manipulator


This device is used to replace artificial up-down material in metal stamping process.Solve factory hiring difficult, difficult, high tube salary declining competitiveness.

Working principle
Stamping work piece in stamping process, usually after several continuous punching, on different punch, and traditional operation for human artifacts from one punch is transferred to another punch.This way will cost a lot of manpower, and stamping workshop temperature is high, noise big, bad environment.This equipment can realize the work piece transmission to the next automatically from a punch press, improve the degree of automation, a substantial reduction in manpower, reduce production cost, improve production efficiency.

Product feature

Through the crown block geometry principle, makes the manipulator movement speed is 3 times of motor speed, so as to achieve the goal of manipulator high-speed movement.Apply small stamping work piece, such as motor shell, small tensile) and so on.Adopt PLC control system control times speed bi-axial and picking manipulator arm movement, realize high speed, stable movement.Friendly operation interface,cool times speed shift manipulator, can be manually adjusted, take put position setting, automatic operation, parameter Settings such as interface, simple operation, friendly interface.

Apply to industry
Home appliances, hardware, lamps and lanterns, the car.

Product parameter
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