Multi-function chip mounter

High-speed chip mounter

Characteristic——Bulk feed

Multi-function placement machine subverted the traditional SMT process,used the vibration plate to feed,saved braiding process and feida feeding materials and time cost. High-speed mobile module group take group past,Greatly improve the production efficiency, is one of the most popular packaging manufacturer placement machine.

Features of products
1.widely used
For large and medium-sized size products,Such as 1.2 M fluorescent lamp, panel light, 0.5 ~ 1 M soft light, the display panel,etc;can be used with different size SMD materials: such as 2835、3014、3528、3535、5050、5730,etc.

2.The self-defined number of suction head
According to the requirements of the users of different FPC or PCB,can set customize number of suction,ensure placement machine efficiency maximization.

3.The photoelectric performance test
Adopted the test at the bottom, to ensure 100% after each lamp bead pasted on the light.

Adopt PLC control system with a high speed vibration feeder,cooperate with the transmission system of the leading level,greatly improve the speed and stability of the equipment operation.

5.Very high efficiency、ultra-high precision
The way of group taking and group pasting ensure the high efficiency of patching; fixture, mold and tailored to achieve SMT ultra-high precision.

Product parameter
See around corners, to learn more about the technical parameters bar
  • Technical parameters
    Chip mounter system 自主研发,独立知识产权
    Patching speed 80K-100K CPH
    Vibration bulk feeder 2 groups
    Patching precision ±0.05mm
    Positioning way CCD positioning
    patching area
    the maximum 1200L*320W
    Way of component supplying round flat vibrationbulk automatic feed/repalceable feida feed
    Air pressure/Power 0.50Mpa/3KW
    Size of apprearance 1600mm x 1800mm x 1650mm


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