Intelligent COB dividing machine

Intelligent COB dividing machine

Working Principle

Shenzhen Xuanshuo photoelectric technology co., LTD., self-developed Intelligent COB dividing machine automatic color separation equipment, is a professional equipment testing COB photoelectric performance, basically realize unmanned production.Robot will LED COB products into the fixture, the warming to the LED - the temperature of the COB normal use, COB spectral opportunities according to the emitted light COB light wavelength (color), light intensity, current voltage size classification screening, in order to achieve the goal of consistent quality.

Product Features
1.Automatic COB light machine, The maximum capacity: 3K/H;

2.Use Tray to feed, feeding box to baiting;

3.Product change, only need to replace chuck and fixture;

4.Low current CCD testing (testing dead lamp chip), automatically weed out;

5.Rotary fixture with heating function, temperature (0-250 ︒ C);

6.Dc/Ac power supply, switching software;

7.Imports from USA spectrometer and spectral accuracy and repeat precision is higher;

8.The whole machine adopts PLC control, motion using servo motor, to ensure spectral speed,

movement stability;

9.The man-machine interface display, simple operation, automatic up-down material, save


Product parameter
See around corners, to learn more about the technical parameters bar
  • 设备参数
    电源:AC220V/50HZ  35A 7KW
  • LED驱动电源

    设置范围 设置精度

    -1000mA ~ 1000mA



    -60V ~ 60V


  • Electrical test parameters

  • Spectrometer specifications

    Spectral range

    350nm ~ 1000nm

    Spectral resolution


    Wavelength accuracy


    Integration time

    1ms ~ 1000ms

  • Optical test

    Optical test



    Color coordinates (x, y)

    ± 0.003 standard deviation

    ± 0.0003standard deviation

    The main wavelength λd

    ± 0.8 nm

    ± 0.5 nm

    The peak wavelength λp

    ± 0.5 nm

    ± 0.2 nm

    ·      lumen  LM    



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