Chip mounter

SMD-LED single head chip mounter 500

Working principle
LED lighting display products during production, automatic placement machine, LED to the LED lamp bead posted in FPC or PCB substrate, manufacturing all kinds of lighting products and display screen. Conventional LED automatic placement machine using belt type feeder, mobile opening finish SMT process, the traditional placement machine volume is big, expensive, the LED chip before the patch necessary braid, increase the braid link equipment, high production cost. This equipment didn’t need to braid of LED chips before patch, simplify the production process. fixed opening, move the PCB substrate manner patches, greatly save the production cost, improve the production efficiency.

Product features
1.Widely used
For small and medium-sized area of products, such as panels, light, etc., can be applied to all kinds of different sizes of SMD materials: such as: 3020, 3014, 3528, 3014, etc.

PLC control system with a high speed vibration feeder cooperate with leading level of the transmission mechanism, creative design concept, greatly improves the speed and stability of the equipment operation.

3. Friendly operation interface
Xuanshuo LED automatic placement machine, manual debugging, the patch is installed, automatically running, parameter Settings such as interface, simple operation, friendly interface.

Product parameter
See around corners, to learn more about the technical parameters bar
  • Technical parameters

    The patch system

    Self-help research and development, independent intellectual property rights

    Maximum capacity


    Joint Angle


    Laminating precision


    Positioning way

    CCD orientation

    The patch area 

    max 500Lx250W

    Component supply way

    Round flat vibration bulk automatic feeding

    Air pressure







    AC220V/50HZ  10A  3KW


    Built-in import vacuum pumps

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