20BIN high speed sorter

20BIN High speed sorter

Working Principle

The equipment is developed by the Xuanshuo intelligent manufacturing  independent research and development of the SMD light-emitting performance test classification of automation equipment. The principle is to patch the LED device from the vibration plate to the indexing plate for photoelectric performance testing. After the test is completed, the LED elements are classified into 20BIN collection boxes according to different parameters.该设备是由炫

Product Features

»Suitable for a variety of different sizes SMD materials, single, double, three crystal test and classification.
»Equipped with independent research and development, with independent intellectual property rights of high-precision computer system.
»Intelligent automatic splitter, the first international to achieve self-adaptation, self-adjustment, self-cleaning function.
»Very creative design concept, to achieve the machine's electrical, software, mechanical perfect match.
»With a leading level of transmission, improve the reliability and stability of the operation of the machine.
»Using PLC plus color man-machine interface control, simple control, good interface.
»The core and key components of the machine using world-class factory accessories, machine import rate of more than 80%.
»According to the different materials, the maximum capacity of up to 65K per hour.
»High precision and reliable spectral effect, to achieve white back to BIN rate of 95% or more.
»High-speed intelligent sub-BIN, safe and reliable.

Product parameter
See around corners, to learn more about the technical parameters bar
  • 光电测试参数
    1 色度坐标xyz
    2 λd(不同单色灯)


    3 峰值波长λp


    4 波宽λD


    5 纯度PUR


    6 光强mcd


    7 相关色温CC


    8 通量ФV(单位mlm


  • 测量电性参数

    测量电性参数 测试条件范围 测试分辨率
    1 排向电压POL 0.001—500MA 1mV
    2 正向电压VF 0.001—500MA 1MV
    3 反向电流IR 0.1V—20V 0.1µA
    4 正向电流IF 0.1V—20V 0.01 mA
    5 反向电压VR 1-1000µA

  • 主体技术参数
    分光系统 自主研发,独立知识产权
    分级能力 132BIN或264BIN 
    最大产能 65Kh
    回BIN率 ≧95%
    测试站数 1站
    供电电源 AC220V 50Hz 10A
    气压 0.45-0.50Mpa
    真空来源 内置进口真空泵
    功率 ≦1.6Kw


    985mm x670mm x 1690mm/320KG

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