Appearance inspection machine

Appearance inspection machine

working principle 

AVI braid appearance inspection machine series adopts advanced image recognition system and special step control system. It is a set of image detection technology, precision machinery, electronics and other disciplines in one of the high-tech products.

AVI taping appearance testing machine series is a proven reliable and efficient testing equipment, with simple operation, speed and so on. The machine has an automatic image detection function that detects the braid material by setting image conditions. NG product automatic sticker marking, OK good product, with automatic rewinding function, to achieve high automation, maximize production efficiency and reduce manual operation, the series of devices suitable for testing and packaging tape tag abnormalities marked by high-pixel imaging system by pressing Related requirements to check the abnormal situation of taping materials and statistics the actual number of tests.

Product Features

Applicable to a variety of different packaging size SMD material appearance bad detection.
Highly creative design concept, to achieve the machine's electrical, software, mechanical perfect match.
With the leading level of the transmission mechanism to improve the reliability and stability of the operation of the machine.
Using PLC plus color man-machine interface control, control is simple, the interface is good.
The core and key components of the machine using world-class manufacturers accessories, machine import rate of more than 80%.
According to different materials, the production capacity of about 30-60K per hour (according to the customer material appearance detection of tightness).

Product parameter
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  • 设备参数





    体积:L110  /W64  /H160    cm

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