Embedded tape packing machine

Embedded tape packing machine 

working principle

The equipment is developed by Xuanshuo intelligent manufacturing,independent research and development of the Embedded tape packing machine.The working principle of the material through the automatic feeding structure, the Japanese imports of feeding device, by the latest research and development of the rail feeding structure, through the separation of the material sent to the precision circle The disk is sent to the test process, transferred to the automatic rotation structure, the material is rotated into a unified angle, sent by the fast disk station to the image detection mechanism, if there are defective products, Into the waste bucket, to ensure that qualified products follow the disc station into the loading mechanism, through the filling mechanism to accurately fill the material into the carrier. Carrying the material running to the secondary test, if there is no shortage of materials will be timely alarm, to be continued after the feed to run. To achieve a double insurance role.

Applicable to various sizes of SMD materials with different sizes.

Product Features

Highly creative design concept, to achieve the machine's electrical, software, mechanical perfect match.

With the leading level of the transmission mechanism to improve the reliability and stability of the operation of the machine.

Using PLC plus color man-machine interface control, control is simple, the interface is good.

The core and key components of the machine using world-class manufacturers accessories, machine import rate of more than 80%.

According to the different materials, the production capacity of about 45-50K per hour.

Using Keith 200W pixel lens detection, high precision.

Product parameter
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  • 设备参数

    工作电压:220 V

    工作气压:0.45-0.5 Mpa

    功     率 :2.5KW

    质     量 : 500Kg

    体     积 :L105  /W86  /H160  cm
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