LED Panel lamp semi - automatic assembly production line

LED Panel lamp semi - automatic assembly production line

Introduction to production lines 

The production line is my company independent research and development for the panel semi-automatic assembly product,testing aging packaging in one product, including assembly line, transition line, aging line and packaging line.

Production line characteristics

The whole machine using PLC control, to ensure stable operation of equipment.
Using manual assembly and packaging to suit different fixtures.
Using 3 times the speed chain carrying fixture.
Automatic detection and automatic aging.
Man-machine interface, easy to operate.

Product parameter
See around corners, to learn more about the technical parameters bar
  • 设备参数
    序号    项目         参数                                                              备注
     1     外形尺寸    (L×W×H) 25000mm×5600mm×2000mm    可根据客户要求定制

     2     组装线        带生产辅助架(照明、插座、挂架、


     3     装机容量     6.5KW 客户的要求不同,有差别
     4     电源           三相五线制±10%/50~60HZ                       可兼容国内外客户用电
     5     用气量        360L/min                                                客户的要求不同,有差别
     6     气源           0.6MPa~0.8MPa                                      客户提供
     7     用工人数     组装10~12人,包装6~8人                         灯的结构不同,有差别
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