Power battery PACK line

PACK automatic line

Introduction to equipment

The device mainly completes the automatic assembly of the batteries and the special ears (stainless steel) and the insulation shell, so as to realize the parallel welding of the battery strings and complete the voltage and internal resistance test sorting.

Introduction to features
1、Applicable products: 3.2V / 30-120Ah batteries of 7 kinds of batteries.
2、The module is made up of a single cell, with layers 4-12 layers.
3、Module testing need to have a protective cover, PACK test need to fire and explosion protection.
4、Material fixture for the key characteristics of the material to have identification function to prevent abnormal material flow to the production line.

5、All materials on the line before the sweep box bar code and have to identify the material function.
6、The whole line with MASTER PC display system.
7、All institutions standard parts, electrical components are used in international brands.

Product parameter
See around corners, to learn more about the technical parameters bar
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