Lithium battery laser ear molding machine
Lithium battery laser ear molding machine

working principle

The device is used in the manufacturing process of lithium-ion batteries in the continuous roll-shaped pole pieces of the tab forming and automatic winding. Mainly to complete automatic cutting ears, cutting pole piece automatically. Pole active unwinding, after crossing the roller, vertical tension agencies, correction agencies, the introduction of laser cutting pole ear mechanism for cutting ears. Through the parameter setting control of laser cutting the tab size, after cutting the waste material is automatically removed, after forming the ears through the winding mechanism to collect into a roll material.

Application background

With the rapid development of new energy vehicles, demand for power battery modules and increased safety. Lithium-ion batteries in the winding before, must be very cutting the ear molding. Most of the traditional methods using slitting machine first processed into a very good pole pieces required width of the pole piece, and then use a metal knife die pole out of the need to get the positive and negative pole pieces, the last manual detection of positive and negative films Size and surface defects. The device uses laser precision cutting technology and the new slitting technology, integrated pole piece forming, pole piece surface defect detection, pole piece three functional modules to solve the laminated lithium battery production process brings Glitches vary in size, powder and other defects.


1、Laser precision cutting, very consistent formation of the tab: the use of two laser head while cutting the pole piece, greatly improving the production efficiency. The use of centering correction technology and advanced precision laser cutting technology to ensure that the formation of the ear size uniformity. Laser cutting system can automatically adjust the spacing of the ears, can achieve the ear pitch cutting, current collector and the ear can achieve arc over.

2、Structure and control technology of pole piece unwinding / unwinding mechanism: The pole piece unwinding adopts the method of pneumatic expansion and tightening to clamp the material, and the unwinding correcting device and the process correcting device ensure the consistency of the pole piece into the sending station. Winding institutions using slip automatic correction technology to ensure the uniformity of winding.

3、Automatic traction through the pole piece Equipped with CCD online image recognition detection technology: the use of advanced image recognition technology for online testing, the poor can automatically identify the pole piece.

Product parameter
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